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About Superdao

Understand your users, learn from competitors, and build target lists using the most advanced wallet analytics in Web3
Superdao is a wallet analytics platform built for Web3 growth teams. It was founded in 2021 with $11.5M in funding and is currently in private beta. Superdao indexer is tracking 30M+ wallets and has analyzed 4.7B transactions to date.
Here's what you can do with our tool:
  • Get instant insights about your dapp users, NFT and token holders, DAO voters, and quest participants
  • Explore our preloaded audiences of hundreds of top Web3 projects for competitive insights
  • Filter and export the audiences to build target lists
We also provide enterprise solutions based on our data, such as API access, outreach campaigns, and custom dashboards.
Here's a helpful guide to start with our product quickly and easily.
Any questions or feedback for the product? Get in touch with our Support team.
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