๐Ÿ“ˆHow we collect the data

Wallet analytics involves gathering and analyzing data from wallets and web2 sources to gain insights into individual and group user behavior on the blockchain. We break down this process into three steps:

Blockchain indexing - collecting data from public on-chain sources, such as NFT and token possessions, smart contract interactions, and other activities linked to wallet addresses.

De-anonymization - linking Web3 data with Web2 data. Superdao links wallet data with the following Web2 channels:

  • Twitter. We use the Twitter API to find the wallet address or ETH domain that was mentioned in the account at least once. If such a mention exists, we match the wallet to the Twitter account.

  • Email. We collect the email addresses of those users who participate in Superdao campaigns and have accepted our Privacy policy and ToS. As both email and wallet addresses are provided by the user, this data is automatically linked and stored in the Superdao database.

Wallet ัlassification - grouping wallets into various categories, such as influencers, traders, early adopters, NFT hunters, and others, to give you a deeper understanding of the users behind the wallets.

Read more about labels that we provide for wallet segmentation in our Labels guide.

You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the data collection below.

What blockchains are indexed by Superdao?

Currently, we index Ethereum and Polygon. While you have the option to import the audience hosted on another EVM compatible blockchain, please note that we currently provide wallet-related data, such as balance, transactions, and other activity, for these two blockchains only.

How often is the data updated?

The data is updated once a day. If you see a discrepancy between your data source and Superdao, it might be that we haven't reflected the latest data index yet.

What ERC standards are supported?

We support ERC-721 and ERC-20 standards and collect the token holding and transfer data. We are currently working on ERC-1155 standard support and plan to add it in the nearest future.

Why does the NFT count in Superdao differ from the NFT marketplace?

We reflect the data by scanning and analyzing all the blockchain transactions, while some marketplaces can hide specific NFTs from the user profile depending on their policy. This can result in a discrepancy between the two sources.

If you have any further questions about the data collection or would like to provide product feedback, reach out to your Success manager or Support team.

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