The Wallets tab presents comprehensive on-chain and off-chain data that Superdao collects on individual wallets in an easy-to-access manner.

Top wallets

With Top Wallets you can explore the lists of the top 24 wallets for each of the following parameters:

Rank - focusing on the most active and high-quality wallets.

Balance - highlighting the wealthiest wallets.

Transactions - displaying the wallets with the highest transaction activity within the past 30 days.

Twitter - showcasing influencers who command a substantial Twitter follower base.

For more details on how we calculate the metrics, refer to our Insights guide.

To access Wallet Lookup, simply type in the desired wallet address or ENS name and click Check, or select any wallet from the Top Wallets list.

Wallet lookup

Wallet lookup provides quick and easy access to individual wallet profiles, including:

Twitter bio - the bio from the user's Twitter account.

Balance - the total balance of the wallet, converted to USD.

Wallet age - the age assumed by the first transaction timestamp made by the wallet.

Outgoing transactions - the total number of transactions initiated from the wallet.

NFT ownership - the NFTs count held by the wallet.

Twitter followers - the count of the user's Twitter account followers.

Contacts - direct links to the user's profiles on OpenSea, Zapper, Etherscan, Polygonscan, Mirror, Twitter, and Lens (where applicable).

Labels - the tags assigned to the wallet. To get more information, check our Labels guide.

Activity - notable NFT collections held by the user.

Last 30d transactions - the total number of outgoing transactions within the last 30 days.

Similar Wallets - a compilation of wallets that share similar ranking and activity.

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