Apart from showing the top highlights for each audience, we also provide the Insights dashboard that helps you dive deep into specific audiences and draw further conclusions from your analysis.

Below, you can find information about each insight definition and how we calculate those metrics.

Balances and transactions

Total balance - the total amount of money held in wallets based on ETH, USDT, USDC, and DAI, converted to USD.

NFTs owned - the total number of NFTs owned by the wallets on Ethereum and Polygon chains.

Wallet balance, USD - wallet distribution by balance based on ETH, USDC, USDT, and DAI.

We use the following formula to calculate the wallet balance: Wallet balance = ETH (Qty x Avg ETH/USD) + USDC (Qty x Avg USDC/USD) + USDT (Qty x Avg USDT/USD) + DAI (Qty x Avg DAI/USD)

NFTs per wallet - wallet distribution by the number of NFTs held.


Twitter - the number of wallets where a Twitter contact is available.

Email - the number of wallets where an email contact is available.

Twitter influencers - top 5 Twitter accounts ranked by the number of followers.

Last 30d transactions - the total number of outgoing transactions within the last 30 days.

Labels and scores

Superrank - a ranking system measuring the performance and influence of web3 crypto wallets in Ethereum and Polygon chains. It relies on the Superdao wallet qualification system, which counts the performance and media image of Ethereum and Polygon chains users. The final score is based on several key factors:

  • Number of transactions made within the last 30 days

  • Number of Twitter followers

  • Current wallet balance in USD

  • Number of NFTs in the wallet

  • ENS domain availability

Interests - audience distribution by interest labels, which we use to categorize users based on their wallet activity.

Personas - audience distribution by persona labels, which we use to create user portraits based on their wallet activity.

Each wallet can have multiple interests and persona labels.

Find more information about labels in our Labels guide.

Audience overlap

Most popular - a tab showing the most popular collections among your users.

Notable projects - a tab showing audience overlap with the hottest Web3 collections selected by Superdao.

Both tabs are sorted by the audience overlap in descending order and include the following columns:

  • Collection - the name of the collection with audience overlap.

  • Owners in audience - the number of users owning items from another collection.

  • Owners - total number of collection items holders.

  • Items in audience - the number of items owned by the overlapping audience.

  • Items - total number of collection items.

  • Floor price, ETH - the lowest price for collection items.

  • Chain - the chain of the NFT smart contract.

Refer to our guide on how we collect the guide to get a better understanding of the data we provide.

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