🧲Using Superdao for B2B lead generation

Superdao ran a campaign to acquire B2B leads for its own product. The campaign was a quiz with NFT rewards in collaboration with web3 marketing communities and was dedicated to web3 marketing professionals.


Superdao Ads team

  • Designed the Marketing test content

  • Set up a partnership agreement with top Web3 marketing communities

  • Integrated Riddle tool in the website and set up automatic NFT drop

  • Selected the targeting and prepared the Launch Kit

Superdao Ads partners

Promoted the test to their social media subscribers, consisting of mostly web3 marketing experts

Campaign Flow

  1. Access the test via the link in Superdao or a partner’s account Twitter post

  2. Enter your email, wallet address, work position, and company

  3. Answer the questions and submit the results

  4. Receive an NFT with your score


Core metrics

  • Total completions - 30,706

  • Total money spent (gas fees only, no paid ads) ~ $206 (164 MATIC)

  • High-quality leads - 205 users (1%)

  • High-quality lead CPA ~ $1

  • Partner leads - 26 (<1% of all completions)

  • Users acquired (not allocated in Superdao userbase previously) - 253

Additional info

  • Twitter post reactions - 100+ likes and 38 shares

  • Campaign length - 2 weeks (12th - 27th January)

  • Campaign timeline First hour mints - 9 First day mints - 101 First three days mints - 217 First 1k completions on the 4th day Last day mints - 3,708

  • Wallet analysis High-quality leads positions - C-suite, founders, and marketing specialists A large part of test participants are members and contributors in DAOs (have utility NFTs) Marketing test NFT was the first NFT for over 90% of all participants A small number of participants are art collectors


  • With no paid ads, social media announcements still result in high quiz participation. Users get curious about the quest and spend their time completing it.

  • Compared to traditional advertising, the CPA of a high-quality lead can be cheaper in web3, even with the gas fees involved.

  • Although campaign partners bring some quality leads, the results might not align with your initial expectations.

  • Unless NFT hunters are restricted from participation in professional campaigns, there is a risk of mass cheating due to their distribution of the quiz answers on social media.

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