Superdao Help

Labels guide

Labels are group tags used to categorize similar wallets. Each wallet can have multiple persona and interest labels.
To create a label, we manually select NFT collections, tokens, off-chain activity, and transactions as predictive signals from the provided wallets. We utilize over 500 signals (and periodically update the list).
After that, we scan each user for their wallet activity to apply the labels that match it.

Persona Labels

Developer - participation in developer conferences and communities, ownership of dev-related NFTs, and a GitHub profile.
Professional - Web3 sphere profession, participation in various related events such as hackathons, conferences, courses, and competitions, including Coindesk and NFT.NYC conferences, The Real Vision Collective, and PJPP.
Early adopter - interest in trying new Web3 products and participation in such projects as FWB, UFO Club, Zora, Zapper, Layer3, etc.
Gamer - ownership of gaming-related NFTs or tokens and active participation in gaming communities (e.g. DeFi, P2E, and NFT-based games, such as Decentraland, Sandbox, and ICE Poker).
Influencer - a Twitter account with more than 3k followers.
Whale - having a wallet balance greater than $100k in USD and holding several stablecoins and native tokens in the wallet.
Hunter - acquiring NFTs primarily through airdrops and accumulating them with the intent of reselling them for a higher value.
DeFi trader - executing multiple transactions with DEX contracts, such as Uniswap, 1inch, and dYdX, and holding fungible tokens of popular DeFi protocols such as Lido DAO, Compound, and Chainlink.
Token investor - interest in investing in the cryptocurrency market, holding fungible tokens, such as Wrapped Bitcoin, Tether, Shiba Inu, and DAI, and actively trading or staking these tokens.
NFT trader - interest in trading NFTs as an investment - buying NFTs for a significant amount of money and then reselling them for a profit.
Donor - supporting projects and initiatives by donating funds to crowdfunding platforms such as Gitcoin, Depay, and 1Hive, as well as charity organizations.
Voter - engagement in voting processes on Snapshot.
Non-human - having suspicious behavior, such as high transaction speed, high balance volatility, and significant enrichment of the wallet in a short period of its existence.
Passive - lack of any outgoing transactions.
Zombie - lack of outgoing transactions in the last 12 months.

Interest Labels

Art - ArtBlocks, SuperRare, Damien Hirst, MakersPlace, and other art NFTs or tokens possession.
Music - Rug Radio, Nas, Async Music, Snoop Dog, and other music-related NFTs or tokens ownership.
Luxury - Tiffany, Porsche, RTFKT, ZED RUN Legacy, and other luxury NFTs or tokens possession.
Fashion - DRESSX, Vault Gucci, FASHION APE NFT, Nike, and other fashion NFTs or tokens ownership.